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Association Luigi Boccherini
The Association Luigi Boccherini (ALB), founded on 14 July 2003, has as its objectives the research and publication of the life and works of the Italian-Spanish composer Luigi Boccherini (b. Lucca-Italy, 19 February 1743-d. Madrid-Spain, 28 May 1805), as well as that of other musicians of the Classical period, especially in Spain and the Mediterranean world.
On 14 July 2003, 12 people linked with Boccherini’s music decided to found the Association Luigi Boccherini, which currently has members from countries across the world, such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, United States of America, Canada and Greece. It is chaired by D. José Antonio Boccherini, a direct descendant of the distinguished master.

The Board of Trustees consists of the following members:
Member annexed to President:
José Antonio Boccherini Sánchez
Jaime Tortella Casares
Germán Labrador López de Azcona
Cristina Teresa Slot Wiefkers
Carina Ferrer Sauermann
Mónica Reus Boccherini
Member: Antonio Gallego Gallego
Iagoba Fanlo Gómez
Montserrat Soret García
Isabel Lozano Martínez
Josetxu Obregón Fernández
Begoña Lolo Herranz
Paloma Olmedo del Rosal
We have the privilege to have Prof. Yves Gérard as honorary member

Contacto :
C\ Núñez de Balboa, 13, 2º - 28001 Madrid - Tel (34) 91.577.24.90
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